You can't drink coffee from a STYROFOAM cup

disposable foam cup

(There's no such thing)

STYROFOAM™ is a registered trademark for a line of extruded polystyrene foam products made exclusively by The Dow Chemical Company. STYROFOAM Brand Foam is often BLUE™ in color and used as insulation, except in the Floral and Craft markets, where STYROFOAM Brand Foam is white or green.

STYROFOAM Brand Foam is not used in the manufacture of disposable foam products, such as food packaging, cups, plates, coolers or egg trays. These disposable products are made of either molded expanded polystyrene beads or thin extruded polystyrene sheet, neither of which is manufactured by Dow in the United States.

So next time you get a cup of java to go, remember, you can't drink coffee from a STYROFOAM cup - because there is no such thing!

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