Bewitching, Bewhiskered Centerpiece

Bewitching and bewhiskered centerpiece features a furry black cat made from loopy chenille and STYROFOAMâ„¢ Brand foam.

Completion time – 2-4 hours

Designer – Dondi Richardson


  • Egg, 5"
  • Ball, 2-1/2"
  • Floral Arranger Block, 4" x 4" x 2", green
Other Materials
  • Straw wreath, 10"
  • Micro straw bales, five
  • Jumbo loopy chenille, 4 yds black
  • Cat eyes, 15 mm, two
  • Pompom, 1/2", pale pink
  • Felt, 1" square, pale pink
  • Witch hat, 5"
  • Willow twigs: one each 18", 9" and 6"; two 10"
  • Eucalyptus: 14", 10", 8" and 6" lengths
  • Silk flower bushes: two mums with 2" - 3" flowers;
  • one meadow flower
  • Ribbon: 3 yds #5 fall print; 5/8" x 2/3 yds black
  • Craft sticks, two
  • Tie wire
  • Floral pins
  • T-pins


  • Black permanent marker
  • Serrated knife
  • Old candle
  • Low temperature glue gun and glue sticks


  • 1. Cat body. Wax knife blade with old candle for easier
    cutting. Cut slice from wide end of egg so it sits at a
    45-degree angle. The narrow end of egg is the neck and the cat
    should lean forward. Insert craft stick in wide end and glue in place.

  • 2. Pin three 6" lengths of loopy chenille to back of cat,pinning at top and bottom of egg. Pin three 4" lengths ofloopy chenille to front of cat. Fill in each side with two 5"
    lengths of loopy chenille. Trim excess at bottom.

  • 3. Cat head. Insert craft stick in foam ball; glue in place.Pin 8" length of loopy chenille around ball, beginning andending at craft stick. Fill in each side with three, 3"
    lengths of loopy chenille.

  • 4. Ears. Fold in half two, 4" lengths of loopy chenille,making a "v". Glue and t-pin ears to top of head, about 1/2" apart.

  • 5. Face. Roll 3" length of loopy chenille into a tight ball;glue to head, 2" down from ears. Repeat for other cheek. Glueon pompom nose centered between cheeks. Glue eyes above each
    cheek, 1/2" apart. Cut 3/4" oval from pink felt; glue under
    cheeks for tongue.

  • 6. Attach head to body, inserting craft stick into body andgluing pieces together.

  • 7. Front legs. Fold in half 14" length of loopy chenille;twist ends together. Twist 1-1/2" from folded end, forming apaw. Repeat for other leg. Glue and t-pin legs to front of cat
    about 1" apart and 1-1/2" from neck.

  • 8. Back legs. Fold in half 14" length of loopy chenille; twistends together. Twist 1-1/2" from folded end, forming a paw.Repeat for other leg. Form 2" loop in cut ends; glue and t-pin
    to side of body. Repeat for other leg. Shape legs so cat looks
    like it's sitting.

  • 9. Glue and pin 12" length loopy chenille to back of cat fortail; curl upward.

  • 10. Cut six, 2"lengths tie wire. If necessary, color blackwith permanent marker. Glue to cheeks for whiskers.

  • 11. Cut 1" corner from foam arranger. Glue cut edge to insideof wreath; secure with floral pins. Using craft stick andglue, attach cat to foam block with front paws resting on edge
    of straw wreath.

  • 12. Glue 10" length of wired ribbon around hat crown. Make abow with two 1" loops, a center and two 2-1/2" tails from a12" length of black wired ribbon. Glue bow to center front of
    hat. Glue small mum to center of bow. Glue hat over cat's right ear.

  • 13. Tie 18" length of #5 ribbon around cat's neck; trim. Makea bow with two 2" loops, a center and two 2-1/2" tails from18" length of #5 ribbon. Glue to center front of cat's neck.

  • 14. Stack and glue three micro hay bales to left of wreath.Glue one bale under cat's right paw. Glue remaining bale toback of wreath.

  • 15. Make a bow with three 6" loops, a center and two 5" tailsfrom a 49" length of #5 ribbon. Glue to bales at left side of wreath.

  • 16. Referring to photo, insert one 10" willow twig to theright of the cat; insert 18" twig behind cat, and 10", 9" and6" twigs to the left of the 18" twig. Insert 14" eucalyptus
    stem to the right of 18" willow twig; arrange remaining
    eucalyptus stems to the left of 18" willow twig.

  • 17. Make a bow with two 2" loops, a center and two 2-1/2"tails from 18" length of #5 ribbon. Glue to back of wreath,just below 18" twig. Loop a 9" length of #5 ribbon and pin to
    the top of micro bale to the right of wreath; glue two mums to micro bale.

  • 18. Referring to photo, arrange and glue mums around bows andbetween twigs; repeat, using meadow flowers.