Altered Art Springtime Shrine

You can easily create stunning mixed media art for your home - it all starts with a square of versatile STYROFOAM™ Brand foam. Carve it paint it decoupage it - STYROFOAM™ Brand foam does it all.

Completion time – 2-3 hours

Designer – Rebekah Meier


  • Sheets: 36" x 12" x 1"; 36" x 12" x 1/2"
  • Egg, 2-1/2"
Other Materials
  • Acrylic paints: light teal; cream; black
  • Matte medium
  • Vintage ephemera digital images
  • Cream cardstock
  • Tissue paper: solid white; solid natural; cream/te
  • Natural beeswax
  • Spanish moss, small amount
  • Sticks or twigs, small bundle
  • Twine
  • White vintage buttons, three
  • Ink pads: watermark; brown
  • Large flourish rubber stamp


  • Serrated knife
  • Candle stub or paraffin
  • Fine-line black permanent marker
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paintbrushes: medium flat; disposable sponge
  • Cosmetic sponges
  • Disposable palette
  • Water basin
  • Paper towels
  • Detail scissors
  • Melting tool
  • Computer with color printer
  • Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
  • Paper glue
  • Newspaper
  • Optional: Cardboard box


  • 1. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin. Cut foam
    egg in half lengthwise; set aside one half for future project.
    Measure and mark 12" square on 1"-thick foam sheet; cut out. Measure
    and mark 4-1/4" x 8-1/2" rectangle on 1/2"-thick foam sheet; cut out.
  • 2. Place foam rectangle with short edges at top and bottom.
    Mark center of top edge. Mark each side, 1-1/2" down from top
    edge. Connect points to create triangular "roof" for birdhouse
    shape; cut on lines. Draw line around inside edge of birdhouse,
    1/2" from foam edges; cut on lines to create birdhouse "frame."
  • 3. Tear tissue papers into small pieces and randomly adhere
    one layer of tissue to all foam pieces using matte medium. Use
    white and natural tissue pieces for foam half-egg; layer all
    three tissues on birdhouse frame and foam square.
  • 4. Following manufacturer's instructions, print written letter
    paper, alphabet and number strip from ephemera CD onto cream
    cardstock. Trim as desired. Using photo as a guide, adhere
    images to foam square using matte medium; let dry.
  • 5. Use glue gun to glue birdhouse frame to center of foam
    square above number strip; birdhouse frame should be closer to
    top edge than bottom.
  • 6. Paint inside frame area, including edges, light teal. Use
    cosmetic sponge to lightly sponge edges of foam square light
    teal. Let dry completely.
  • 7. Enlarge and print birdhouse image from CD to 4-1/4" wide.
    Trim and adhere image to top of birdhouse frame using paper glue.
  • 8. Paint tissue-covered half-egg cream; let dry. Place egg on
    newspaper or inside cardboard box to protect work surface. Dip
    tip of flat paintbrush into black paint and gently "throw"
    paint toward egg several times to create speckled look; let dry.
  • 9. Ink stamp with watermark ink; set aside, inked side up.
    Following manufacturer's instructions, melt beeswax onto
    entire collage piece using hot melt tool. Using transfer point
    of tool, hold beeswax against point, melting onto collage.
    Immediately impress rubber stamp into melted wax. Wait a few
    seconds and remove stamp from collage.
  • 10. Melt more beeswax onto collage and immediately apply white
    buttons as shown; beeswax will act as adhesive.
  • 11. Tie small bunch of twigs together with twine and adhere to
    side of birdhouse frame with matte medium. Adhere moss inside
    bottom edge of frame with matte medium.
  • 12. Use cosmetic sponge and tea dye ink to ink edges of
    collage and stamped areas of beeswax to create aged look.