Cookie Cutter Crafts

Download the Pattern (PDF)

Decorate shirts lunch bags wrapping paper - just about any surface - with inexpensive stamps made from STYROFOAM™.

Completion time – 1-2 hours

Designer – Maria Filosa


  • 1-1/2" thick sheet
Other Materials
  • Metal cookie cutters with open backs
  • Water-based craft paint in assorted colors
  • Newspapers
  • Foil
  • Paper
  • Gift wrap
  • T-shirts or other surface to decorate
  • Dimensional paints Glitter and other decorative tr
  • NOTE: If decorating a T-shirt or other fabric item
  • prewash and dry without fabric softeners.


  • Glue
  • Paintbrush


Two children's favorites - cookie cutters and STYROFOAM™ Brand
Products - team up to bring you this bonanza of fun and inexpensive
craft ideas. Making stamps from STYROFOAM™ Brand Products is a lot
of fun and costs a fraction of the price of ready-made stamps.
Decorate greeting cards, wrapping paper, placemats, napkins, T-shirts,
lunch bags, tote bags - just about any surface. Entertain scout troops,
classrooms, church schools or summer camps. Or, try cookie cutter
crafts at your child's next birthday party.

It's easy to do. First, select your favorite metal cookie cutter –
a dinosaur, teddy bear, candy cane, rabbit, or other design. Press the
cookie cutter into a 1/2" thick sheet of STYROFOAM™ (the cookie cutters
will not cut through a sheet thicker than 1/2"). Remove your shape from
the cookie cutter, dip in paint, and stamp away.
(See Directions below for additional information.)

But, don't stop there - and don't throw away your stamp. You can
reuse your stamp by threading it on a cord and making a pendant,
tying it on a package, decorating a plant stake, hanging it from
the Christmas tree or stringing several together in a garland.
Embellish the cut out shapes with wiggly eyes, feathers, dimensional
paints, buttons, glitter, sequins, and other trims.
(Use a low temperature glue gun or a thick white craft glue.)

If there is a stamp you'd like that's not available in a cookie cutter,
simply draw the shape onto the sheet of STYROFOAM™ and cut out with a
serrated knife. For easier, smoother cutting, wax the knife blade first
with an old candle. (NOTE: This step is not recommended for children.)

  • 1. Cover the work area with old newspapers.
  • 2. Press the cookie cutter all the way into the foam; remove
    the cookie cutter from the foam and gently push the shape out
    of the cutter.
  • 3. If the edges of the cut-out are a little ragged, sand
    lightly with a scrap of STYROFOAM™.
  • 4. Squeeze paint onto foil and press cut-out into paint,
    completely covering one side with paint.
  • 5. Practice stamping on a spare sheet of newspaper. Press
    loaded shape onto newspaper, pressing evenly on all areas.
    Reload stamp and print again. When you're ready to go, stamp
  • 6. If desired, retouch lightly with a paintbrush to fill in
    areas or remove excessive paint. Outline printed shapes and
    add details with dimensional paints. Decorate with glitter,
    wiggle eyes, sequins, or other trims.