Needlefelted Halloween Cupcakes

Download the Pattern (PDF)

Use our recipe to bake a batch of Halloween cupcakes. Frost with wool roving and embellish with an adorable Halloween pick. They make sweet gift ideas!


  • Balls: 1", two; 2-1/2", one
  • Cones: 6" x 3", two
Other Materials
  • Paperclay, 1 package
  • Acrylic craft paint: black, red, orange, yellow, c
  • Gel antiquing medium
  • Wool Roving: natural & orange, 1/4 oz. each
  • Ribbed adult size socks, one pair, black
  • Paper punch, small tag
  • Crepe paper roll, black
  • Pigment ink, black
  • Eyelets, two
  • Rickrack: orange, yellow
  • Needle & black button thread
  • Felt, black, small scraps
  • 12" x 12" cardstock, cream
  • Fabric adhesive


  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Ruler
  • Round toothpicks
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • Putty knife, 1"
  • Firm paintbrush, 1"
  • Disposable palette
  • Paper towels


(Note: Needlefelting is a quick and easy technique. It requires a special felting needle that has extremely sharp barbs along the tip of the needle - use with care! The higher the needle number, the finer the needle, resulting in a smaller hole in the project. When the needle is pushed into STYROFOAM� Brand Foam, the barbs weave the wool roving together, locking it in place. As a result, no glue is necessary.)

  • 1. Insert a toothpick into 1" balls. Flatten paperclay to 1/8" thick. Cover each ball with clay. Create two small triangles for cat ears and attach to sides of one ball. Insert a small piece of toothpick into the top of the other ball for jack-o-lantern stem. Let dry.

  • 2. Paint cat head black; let dry. Refer to photo to paint the cat's face with liner brush. Use cream for eyes, yellow for nose, and yellow outlined with red for mouth. Let dry.

  • 3. Paint jack-o-lantern orange; let dry. Refer to photo to paint the jack-o-lantern's face with liner brush. Paint eyes, nose, and mouth with black. Outline each with yellow. Dot eyes with yellow and highlight with a small dot of black. Let dry.

  • 4. When each head is dry, apply antiquing medium and immediately wipe off excess with paper towel. Set aside.

  • 5. Cut two, 14" lengths crepe paper. Fold each in half lengthwise and gather one edge with needle and button thread. Set aside.

  • 6. Measure and mark 2" up from base of each cone. If using serrated knife, wax blade with old candle or bar of soap and then cut cone. If using dental floss, pull through cone to cut. Save tops of cones for future use.

  • 7. Cut 2 1/2" ball in half.

  • 8. Insert cone into sock. Cut sock so it extends 1" above cone. Repeat for second cone.

  • 9. Position half ball on cone, tucking edges of sock under ball. Secure ball to cone with glue and toothpicks.

  • 10. Place small amount of orange roving on one ball; punch roving into ball with needlefelting needle. Repeat, using natural roving for second cupcake.

  • 11. Cut rickrack to fit around each cupcake. Glue in place with fabric glue.

  • 12. Trace cupcake bottoms onto black felt. Cut out and glue to bottoms of cupcakes.

  • 13. Insert cat and jack-o-lantern heads into the top of each cupcake. Gather crepe paper ruffles under each head and pull gathers tight. Clip off excess thread.

  • 14. Create Halloween greetings on computer and print onto cream cardstock. Punch out tags; set eyelets. Ink edges with black pigment ink applied with cosmetic sponge. Tie one tag to each cupcake with button thread.