Glass Gem Mosaic Egg

For springtime color look no further than this fun new mosaic project. Glass gems in pretty pastel hues give a unique finish - almost like jellybeans!

Completion time – 1-2 hours

Designer – Kathleen George


  • Egg, 6"
Other Materials
  • Mismatched or broken china pieces
  • Flat-backed glass gems in one color to complement
  • Acrylic paint to complement gems
  • Pre-mixed acrylic spackling


  • Ruler
  • Disposable plastic cup
  • Measuring cup
  • Spoon or craft stick
  • Rubber gloves
  • Old towel
  • Natural sponge
  • Hammer
  • Tile nippers (optional)
  • Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks


Note: Broken china pieces may have sharp edges. Be extremely
careful when working with them. Wear rubber gloves for your safety.

  • 1. To break china for mosaic, wrap one piece of china in
    towel. Gently tap hammer against china. Continue until broken
    pieces are about 3/4" across; remove from towel. Break
    remaining china chosen for design.
  • 2. Using photo as guide, use glue gun to glue several china
    pieces to centers of two opposite sides of foam egg. If
    additional china pieces are required to fit particular spaces,
    repeat Step 1. Tile nippers may be used to shape china pieces
    as needed. Glue glass gems to remaining surfaces of egg.
  • 3. In plastic cup, mix small amount of acrylic paint into 1/2
    cup or more of spackling to create pastel "grout." Blend well,
    using spoon or craft stick.
  • 4. Wearing gloves, use fingers to work spackling "grout" into
    cracks between china pieces and gems, removing excess
    spackling as you work. Using damp sponge, gently wipe mosaic
    surface to smooth grout lines and remove excess spackling.
    Rinse sponge often.
  • 5. Following manufacturer's instructions, let spackling set.
    Use sponge to wipe surface clean. Let spackling dry overnight.
    Buff surface with dry towel to shine.