The Waddles Family

Download the Pattern (PDF)

Remember playing 'pig pile' when you were little? This too-cute trio will bring back those happy memories and hopefully inspire some new ones.

Completion time – 2-4 hours

Designer – Debra Quartermain


  • Balls, one each: 2-1/2"; 2"; 1-1/2"
  • Eggs, one each: 5"; 3-3/4"; 2-1/2"
Other Materials
  • Felt: 45" pale yellow plush, 1/3 yd.; light yellow
  • 9" x 12" sheet
  • Coordinating satin ribbons, 1/2 yd. each: 1-1/4";
  • 1/2"; 1/8"
  • Black embroidery floss
  • Black beads, two each: 6mm; 5mm


  • Serrated knife
  • Candle stub or paraffin
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Compass
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Extra-long straight pins
  • Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
  • Powdered cosmetic blush (optional)
  • Cotton-tipped swab (optional)


  • 1. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin. Cut and
    discard 1/4"-thick lengthwise slice from each foam egg. Cut
    foam balls in half, reserving half of each ball for another project.

  • 2. Use compass to draw following circles on wrong side ofplush felt: two each 5", 4", 3"; one each 2", 1-1/2", 1". Cutout circles. Cut patterns as indicated from light yellow craft
    felt. For wings, cut one 5", one 4", and one 3" plush circle in half.

  • 3. Place eggs, flat side down, on wrong side of remainingplush felt. Draw a line around each egg, 2" larger than foam.Trace second set of eggs, drawing line at foam edge. Cut out
    pieces, cutting smaller eggs just inside traced lines.

  • 4. To cover eggs (bodies), center eggs, rounded side down, onlarger plush pieces cut in Step 3. Bring felt up to flat side.Pin felt at four opposite points; gather excess between pins.
    Glue felt to foam; let dry. Remove pins. Trim excess felt.
    Glue smaller plush pieces to flat sides of eggs.

  • 5. Repeat Step 4, using corresponding 5", 4", and 3" plushcircles to cover large, medium, and small half-balls (heads).

  • 6. Using photo as guide and with flat side of head at bottom,use scissors point to make two small holes in large and mediumduck heads for eyes. Glue beads into holes, using larger beads
    for large duck.

  • 7. Using three strands of embroidery floss, insert needle intoflat side of small duck's head. Push needle through face atinner corner of one eye, make 1/4"-long slanted straight
    stitch, then push needle back through to flat side of head.
    Repeat for other eye. Knot thread to secure. Glue smaller
    plush circles to flat sides of corresponding heads.

  • 8. Glue bill pieces together in pairs, making one upper andone lower bill for each duck. Glue upper and lower bill tocorresponding duck, curving slightly to meet at outer edges.
    Use cotton-tipped swab to blush cheeks, if desired.

  • 9. For wings, glue each half-circle in half, with right sideout. Working with one wing at a time, place glue along curvededge of wing. With wide end of body toward front, shape and
    glue center of wings to sides of corresponding bodies. Wings
    should be 1-1/4" apart for large duck, 1" apart for medium
    duck, and 1/2" apart for small duck.

  • 10. Using photo as guide, glue heads to bodies. Glue largefeet together in pairs for double thickness. Glue feet tobottoms of bodies, angled slightly outward.

  • 11. Tie bows around necks using corresponding ribbons.

  • 12. Stack ducks on top of each other as shown. Glue to secure, if desired.