Red & White Keepsake Button Ornament

You'll want to display this heirloom ornament year-round. Just pin the pretty buttons in place; crisp STYRFOAM™ Brand Foam will hold them tight.

Completion time – Less than 1 hour

Designer – Patty Schaffer


  • Balls, 4"
Other Materials
  • Buttons, all one color, assorted sizes
  • Buttons in contrasting color, about 18
  • Pearl head pins
  • Ribbon: 1/4" x 12"
  • Ribbon: 1/2" x 24"



    1. Using pearl head pins, pin a wide variety of sizes and styles of buttons onto ball; continue till ball is covered. Fill in any gaps with a second layer of buttons. If needed, spot glue buttons in place.
    2. Randomly pin on buttons on contrasting color.
    3. Knot together ends of ¼" ribbon, forming loop. Add dab of glue to top of ornament; place knot on glue and using skewer, push knot into foam ball. Let dry.
    4. Tie bow in ½" ribbon; trim ends. Glue and pin to top of ornament.