Watermelon Fabric Wreath

Nothing says summer like watermelon, and this colorful wreath celebrates sweet summertime. It’s a summer-easy DIY, too, made by inserting fabric squares into the foam wreath. Get the kids in on the fun and see if they’d like to help.

Completion time – 2 – 4 hours

Designer – Patty Schaffer


  • STYROFOAM™* Brand Foam: 12” wreath, beveled front

*Sold under the name
 Make It: Fun® Foam

Other Materials
  • Fabric: ½ yd. green; ¼ yd. each of red, hot pink and light pink; one fat quarter in black


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Optional: Rotary cutter and mat


  1. Cut red, hot pink, light pink and black fabrics into 2” squares. Cut half of the green fabric into 3” squares and the remaining green fabric into 2” squares.
  2. Start by inserting the 3″ green squares around the outside edge of the wreath:
    • Place a fabric square along the outside edge of the wreath
    • Center the bamboo skewer over the fabric square
    • Push the skewer into the wreath, inserting the center of the fabric square in the wreath
    • Repeat, till the edge of the wreath is filled in with the 3” fabric squares.
  3. Continue to add rows of fabric squares around the wreath in this order, working from the outside edge to the inside edge of the wreath:
    • 2” green fabric squares
    • 2” red fabric squares
    • 2” hot pink fabric squares
    • 2” light pink fabric squares
  4. Once the wreath is completely covered, randomly insert black fabric squares, scattering “seeds” around the wreath.