Easy Duct Tape Spider Wreath

There’s nothing scary about this bright purple wreath crawling with spiders. In fact it’s scary easy and you’ll wrap it in less than an hour! Get the kids involved – they’ll have a blast!

Completion time – Less than 1 hour

Designer – Sharon Currier


  • 12” wreath

*Sold under the name Make It:Fun® Foam

Other Materials
  • Duct tape, one roll in Halloween pattern
  • Glittered spiders: Two large black; two small black; and two purple
  • Spider webbing
  • Halloween print ribbon
  • Low-temp glue gun


  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Wire knippers


  1. Tear a 36” length of duct tape from the roll. Starting at one end of the strip, tear off a narrow strip, about ½” wide, lengthwise. Carefully put aside the ½”wide strip for a future use. (The Duct Tape Deco Spheres are one way to use up the narrow strips.)
  2. Pin the wider duct tape strip to the back of the wreath and wrap the strip around the wreath, slightly overlapping with each pass. Pin the other end of the strip to the back of the wreath, and trim off any extra tape. Repeat, wrapping the wreath with strips of duct tape till it’s covered.
  3. Loop a 14” length of ribbon through the wreath, and knot the ends together.
  4. Stretch a small amount of spider webbing across the wreath, pinning and spot gluing to hold it in place.
  5. Glue the spiders to the wreath and the webbing.