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Little Green Men
A childhood favorite! Fun and fanciful little green men are made from STYROFOAM* Brand Foam, paint, chenille stems, yarn, wiggle eyes and other inexpensive materials.
The Real Solar System
The Solar System is an ideal project for classrooms, scout troops or space buffs. offers step-by-step instructions to create an accurate, scale-model of the Solar System.
Cheery Cherry Kitchen Window Cornice
With a sheet of STYROFOAM* Brand Foam and fabric, custom window treatments are easy to make. Cheery Cherry Cornice is just one of five models on
Zoo Animal Window Cornice
No power tools are required to make and install the custom window cornice designs from Dow. You select your fabrics and decorating motif, from fun to formal.
Rusty Rooster Garden Ornament
Classic yard decoration looks like an aged antique, but you can make this barnyard fellow in an afternoon with a faux rust finish and STYROFOAM* Brand Foam.
  Fool-the-Eye Finishes
Transform STYROFOAM* Brand Foam into rusted steel, aged copper, cast bronze, or weathered plaster with any of today's popular and easy-to-use, acrylic-based faux finishes.
Sea Glass & Sand Orbs
Polished smooth by the waves of time, pieces of sea glass decorate a sphere of STYROFOAM* Brand Foam, creating a look as timeless as the tides.
River Stone Mosaic Wreath
Popular mosaics take on a soothing, almost Zen-like feel using polished river rocks and a wreath ring of STYROFOAM* Brand Foam. Step-by-step instructions are available on
Victorian Gingerbread Village
Quaint, gingerbread village is made from STYROFOAM* Brand Foam, creating a Christmas tradition that will last for years. Log onto for dozens of Christmas crafts like this.
Family Craft Night
Create a new family tradition by establishing a Family Craft Night. We'll show you how on
Family Craft Night
Holidays or any day are a great time for families to share creative fun. For tips on starting your own Family Craft Night, visit
Top Tips for Crafting with STYROFOAM Brand Foam
From cutting and gluing to painting and shaping, offers the help you need for crafting with STYROFOAM* Brand Foam. You'll find instructions for hundreds of craft projects, too.

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®™* Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow
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STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
  • Six 1" balls
  • Three 12" x 4" cones
  • One 12" x 1" disc
®™* Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") or an affiliated company of Dow