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Elegant Fondant Flower Topiary

Dazzle guests with this wedding cake-like topiary created from a foam cone covered in high-style fondant and gum-paste blossoms. Color options abound so be creative!
   Completion Time - 
2-3 hous
   Designer - 
Kathleen George


  • Cone, 15" x 4"
Other Materials
  • Ready-to-use rolled fondant
  • Ready-to-use gum paste
  • Fondant icing writer
  • Edible pearl dust for cake decorating
  • Rose pink paste food color
  • Confectioner's sugar
  • Fondant cutters: 1/2" and 1" flowers; 1" petal
  • Pearls: loose pink and white; stamens; sprays
  • Pearl stamens and sprays
  • Silver leaves
  • Smooth rolling pin and non-stick pastry sheet


  • Ruler
  • Wooden toothpicks or skewer
  • Small paintbrush
  • Water basin
  • Paper towels
  • Craft pins
  • Craft knife
  • Plastic wrap


Note: Read all instructions before beginning project. To makefinal assembly easier, have cone wrapped in fondant, large gumpaste ribbons made and attached, and most flowers createdbefore starting to build design. Attach flowers in groupingsand sprays around cone to create pleasing design.
  • 1. Using rolling pin, roll fondant to 3/16" thick. Lay foamcone on fondant and gently wrap fondant around sides of cone,overlapping edges 1/2" at back. Use scissors to trim excess.
  • 2. Wet fingers and gently smooth seam together at back. Placecone on work surface and trim around base with craft knife;smooth fondant down with fingers. Wrap fondant-covered conewith plastic wrap until ready to apply flowers.
  • 3. To make bows and ribbons, knead a small amount of gum pastein hands to soften; keep remaining gum paste wrapped toprevent drying. Roll gum paste thin. Use craft knife to cut"ribbons" of desired length and width.
  • 4. Arrange ribbons on work surface the way they will appear oncone. Cover ribbons with plastic wrap while making flowers.
  • 5. To make flowers, begin with a small portion of gum paste;knead to soften. To make colored flowers, tint gum paste withvery tiny amount of paste color; the amount on the tip of atoothpick is usually enough. If color is too dark, mix in abit more white gum paste.
  • 6. Knead gum paste well, then roll very thin, lifting androtating often to prevent sticking. To prevent sticking, dustpastry mat very lightly with confectioner's sugar. Note: Thethinner the paste, the more realistic-looking the flowers.
  • 7. For small white flowers: Cut 1/2" flower shapes from gumpaste sheet. When ready to attach flowers, use icing writerlike glue. Place a dot of icing at flower center and firmlypush small pearl into flowers. Flower petals will lift up around pearl.
  • 8. For medium-sized pink flowers: Cut 1" flower shapes fromtinted gum paste. Use craft knife to cut lines separatingpetals; do not cut all the way to flower center. Holdingblossom in fingertips of one hand, use other hand to gentlylift edge of each petal with a toothpick and overlap the petalnext to it to create a cupped shape. Gently curl petal edgesback out for dimension. Repeat Step 7 to attach flowers tocone when ready; use larger pearls for centers.
  • 9. For medium-sized, four-petaled white flowers and smallerroses: Begin by rolling a pea-sized ball of gum paste forflower center. Cut each stamen wire in half to create twoshort individual stamens. Shape flower center into uprightoval and push stamen wire into center. Using fingertips,firmly mold gum paste around wire and let harden a bit.
  • 10. While four-petaled flower or rose center hardens, cut four1" petal shapes from thinly rolled gum paste. For mini roses,cut six or eight petals. To create a variety of flower sizes,use craft knife to trim petals to uniform sizes; the smallerthe petal, the smaller the flower. For lifelike appearance,pinch outer edge of each petal to thin gum paste to thethickness of a sheet of paper. A gentle pinch at center ofouter edge also gives realistic shape to petals.
  • 11. To assemble flowers, wrap four or more petals aroundprepared center. Place two petals on opposite sides of centerand pinch at base just under petals to secure. Gently bendpetals outward, cupping away from center.
  • 12. Join next two petals on alternate opposite sides in sameway. To build larger flowers, continue adding alternatingpairs of petals. Paste as base of stamen will grow thicker asmore petals are added; when pleased with look of flower, cutaway excess paste at base using scissors. This creates ashort, flat "stem" that is easier to attach to cone. RepeatStep 7 to attach roses to cone when ready; push in on hardenedcenter to ensure flower is firmly attached.
  • 13. For large pink rose at bow center: Because this flower issubstantially larger than others, be sure to have support forpetals as they harden, or flower may flatten out. Roll plasticwrap or waxed paper into tubes and tuck these under petals asthey harden. It is best to attach this rose when it isslightly firm but not so dry that pressure may break theflower. The amount of heat and moisture in the workspace willaffect drying time.
  • 14. To make rosebud-shaped center, pinch a pea-sized ball ofgum paste into thin disc. Pinch outer edge to paper-thinthickness. Place a pearl half-stamen along one edge of flowercenter and gently roll to enclose stamen. Pinch gum pastefirmly around end of wire and then gently bend back top edgesof rosebud to reveal pearl center. Set rosebud aside to harden.
  • 15. Repeat Steps 9-12, substituting rosebud center. Do nottrim petal sizes; leave them all full size. To help petalsstick on outer layers, use a slight brush of water to activategum paste. Do not apply too much water of gum paste willseparate. If this occurs, "dry" surface with confectioner'ssugar. Let flower harden slightly before joining to cone.
  • 16. While flowers harden, secure ribbon to cone with craftpins and icing writer. Ribbon "drape" cannot be changed oncegum paste hardens, so place cone on its side, propped slightlywith wadded plastic wrap to prevent rolling. Carefully placetiny balls of plastic wrap under bow loops and ruffles inribbon to support shape while gum paste hardens.
  • 17. Pin large rose to center of bow to secure; test holdbefore setting cone upright. Use a wooden skewer to make astarting hole in the fondant to add sprays of pearls wheredesired. Push ends of sprays through fondant into foam. Attachflowers to cone. Use dots from icing writer to secure leaves;trim leaves as needed to fit spaces. Fill empty areas withadditional small flowers, as needed.
  • 18. To highlight flower petals with a bit of shine, lightlybrush pearl dust onto petals while gum paste is still slightly moist.If you enjoyed this project, look here for more inspiring ideas:[removed link][removed link][removed link]