STYROFOAM brand foam crafts

Polar Pals

Snowy winter days make the perfect playground for cold-weather fun - just ask this traveling trio. Create these frosty friends using foam shapes and felt.
   Completion Time - 
2-3 hours
   Designer - 
Debra Quartermain


  • Balls, one each: 2"; 1-1/2"; 1"
  • Eggs, one each: 5"; 4"; 3"
Other Materials
  • Fleece fabric: orange, 4" x 5"; white polar
  • or plush, 1/3 yd.
  • Multicolored cotton fabric, 2" x 10"
  • Felt, 9" x 12 sheets, one each: black; red; blue
  • White pom pom, 1/2"
  • Black embroidery floss, 1/2 yd.
  • Tiny orange buttons, four
  • Black eye beads or brads, two each: 8mm; 6mm; 5mm
  • Brads, one each: red heart-shaped; red round; white snowflake, three
  • Extra-large flat wooden teardrop shapes, four
  • Powder blush


  • Serrated knife
  • Candle stub or paraffin
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Compass or circle templates: 3"; 1"
  • Scissors: standard; scallop-edge
  • Straight pins
  • Embroidery needle, 3" long
  • Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
  • Thick, white craft glue


General -
  • 1. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin. Cut thin,lengthwise slice from one side of 5" foam egg for bear body(snowman and penguin will sit here); flatten tip and base ofegg slightly. Cut lengthwise third from 4" egg for bear head.Cut 3" egg in half for penguin body; save one half for future use.
  • 2. Cut pattern pieces as indicated and place in piles for bear(B), snowman (S), and penguin (P). In addition, cut thefollowing pieces from fabrics: 10" x 11" white fleece (B); 6"x 6-1/2" white fleece (B); 6" square white fleece (S); 2" and3" black felt circles (S); 1-1/2" x 6" black felt (S); 1/2" x 8" red felt (P).Polar Bear -
  • 1. Use standard scissors to round corners from fleecerectangles, creating ovals. Place foam body, rounded sidedown, in center of larger oval; pull fleece edges to flat sideof foam and glue in place. Pin until glue dries; remove pins.Trim excess fabric.
  • 2. Cover foam head in same way as body, using smaller fleeceoval. Refer to photo to poke eye holes into face; glue 8mmbeads into holes. Use finger to blush cheeks.
  • 3. Thread needle with three strands floss; knot ends. Insertneedle through back of head, coming out at center of facebelow eyes. Make small vertical straight stitch, bringingneedle out again at back of head. Repeat twice more at bottomof first straight stitch, stitching from center to eitherside. Glue nose and ears to head; glue head to body.
  • 4. For legs, trace wooden teardrop four times onto whitefleece; cut out on lines. Trace teardrop four more times,cutting out 1/4" beyond lines. Glue larger fleece pieces tofront of each leg; glue same-size pieces to backs of legs.Glue legs to body as shown.
  • 5. Use scallop-edge scissors to cut two 1/2" x 12" strips fromblue felt; glue beneath edge of saddle, piecing as needed. Useneedle to poke hole through one side of saddle at each "X"indicated on pattern; insert snowflake brads. Glue saddle to bear.Snowman -
  • 1. Glue 1-1/2" and 2" foam balls together for head/body. Wrapand glue 6" fleece square around head/body, seam at back. Gluefleece ends to top and bottom of head/body.
  • 2. Refer to photo to poke eye holes into face; glue 6mm beadsinto holes. Use finger to blush cheeks.
  • 3. Repeat Polar Bear Step 3 to create snowman's mouth,omitting vertical straight stitch.
  • 4. Use needle to poke small hole into center of face; insertround red brad for nose. Tie multicolored fabric strip aroundneck for scarf; fringe ends as desired.
  • 5. Cut 1" circle from center of 3" black felt circle for hatbrim. Roll and glue 6" black felt strip into 1-1/2"-tallcylinder; glue bottom edge to hat brim. Use needle to pokesmall hole into front of hat; insert heart-shaped brad. Glue2" felt circle to top of hat. Glue hat to head.
  • 6. Glue buttons to boots as shown. Glue arms and boots toeither side of body. Glue snowman to bear.Penguin -
  • 1. Press one side of 1" foam ball against work surface toflatten slightly; this will become back of head. Twist andglue head against tip of body until flat sides of foam piecesare aligned.
  • 2. Place head/body, flat side down, onto black felt and cutout felt piece 1" larger all around than foam. Placehead/body, rounded side down, on felt; pull felt edges to flatside of foam and glue to secure.
  • 3. Glue white fleece body to rounded front of penguin. Referto pattern to poke eye holes into face; glue 5mm beads intoholes. Fold beak and glue to face as shown.
  • 4. Tie scarf around neck. Glue back seam of hat and fold upbrim; glue pom pom to tip. Glue hat to head. Glue penguin intosnowman's arms.If you enjoyed this project, look here for more inspiring ideas:Snow BunniesSnowman's ChristmasJoyful Penguins