STYROFOAM brand foam crafts

Easter Parade

Springtime is baby time in the barnyard and these cuddly little ones are on parade. Fun for Easter and a sweet addition to nurseries too.
   Completion Time - 
2-4 hours
   Designer - 
Debra Quartermain


  • Ball, 2"
  • Eggs: one 2"; two 3"; one 6"
Other Materials
  • Fabrics: white chenille, 11" x 12"; yellow fleece, 4" x 8";
  • white fleece, 6" x 16"
  • Felt: white, 9" x 12" sheets, two; yellow scrap; pink scrap
  • Pom poms: 2" white, two; 1" pink, one
  • White yarn, 2 yds.
  • Ribbons: 1-1/2"- and 2"-wide patterned, 1/2 yd. each; pink satin, 1/4" x 1/3 yd.;
  • Embroidery floss: black, 1/2 yd.; white scrap
  • Black eye beads, four each: 5mm; 6mm
  • Gold jingle bell, 1"
  • Wooden craft sticks, two
  • Pink powdered blush


  • Serrated knife
  • Candle stub or paraffin
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Compass or circle template, 5"
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle, 3"
  • Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
  • Thick, white craft glue


  • 1.Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin.

  • 2. Cut patterns from fleece and felt as indicated.

  • 3. Once all characters are completed, glue bunny's bottom tolamb, leaving space for chicks. Glue chicks into bunny's arms as shown.Bunny -

  • 1. Cut thin slice from narrow end of one 3" foam egg for body.Cut thin slice from one side of foam ball for head.

  • 2. Cut two 5" circles from white fleece. Center foam head,rounded side down, on one fleece circle. Pull fleece edges upto flat side of head and glue to secure; this side is bottom of head.

  • 3. Refer to photo and use scissors tip to poke two smallholes for eyes into head; glue 6mm beads into holes. Gluewhite pom poms to head below eyes for muzzle. Glue pink pom pom nose in place. Use fingertip to blush cheeks.

  • 4. Pleat ears along pattern lines and glue to head as shown.

  • 5. Use second fleece circle to cover foam body in same way ashead. Glue head to body; hold firmly until glue dries. Tie1-1/2"-wide ribbon into bow around neck; trim ends.

  • 6. Refer to Diagram 2 to glue arms and legs to sides of body.Lamb -

  • 1. Cut remaining 3" foam egg in half for head; reserve onehalf for a future project. Cut thin slice from one long sideof large egg for body.

  • 2. Cut four 2" x 6" pieces from white felt for legs. Usescissors to gently round corners on chenille fabric rectangle for body.

  • 3. Place foam head, flat side down, onto white felt. Usepencil to trace around head, 1-1/2" beyond foam edge; cut out.Center head, rounded side down, on felt. Pull felt edges up toflat side of head and glue to secure; this side is bottom of head.

  • 4. Refer to photo and use scissors tip to poke two small holesfor eyes into head; glue 6mm beads into holes.

  • 5. Thread needle with three strands floss; knot ends. Insertneedle through bottom of head, coming out at center frontbelow eyes. Make small vertical straight stitch and takeneedle back through head; knot and clip threads. Glue nose to face.

  • 6. Fold yarn in half repeatedly until it measures 4" inlength; tie center of bundle with white floss. Glue bundle to top of head.

  • 7. Pinch ear ends together and glue to either side of head,just under yarn. Use fingertip to blush cheeks.

  • 8. Center body, rounded side down, on wrong side of chenillefabric. Pull fabric edges up to flat side of body and glue tosecure; trim excess. This side is bottom of body.

  • 9. For legs, cut craft sticks in half. Wrap and glue whitefelt strips cut in Step 2 around each leg. Refer to Diagram 1to make slits in bottom of body; glue legs into slits.

  • 10. Glue head to wide end of body; hold firmly until gluedries. Slip bell onto pink ribbon and tie around neck. Tie2"-wide ribbon into bow; trim ends and glue to back of head.Chicks -

  • 1. Cut small, 2" foam egg in half for bodies.

  • 2. Use pencil to trace half-eggs onto yellow fleece, drawing1-1/2" beyond foam edges; cut out. Center one half-egg,rounded side down, in center of each fleece piece. Pull fleeceedges up to flat side of body and glue to secure; this side is back of body.

  • 3. Refer to photo and use scissors tip to poke two smallholes for eyes into each head; glue 5mm beads into holes. Gluebeaks to faces under eyes. Glue wings to sides of bodies.If you enjoyed this project, look here for more inspiring ideas:Mama Bunny & SnugglesEverywhere a Chick, ChickDaisy Ducks