STYROFOAM brand foam crafts

Rose-Topped Ornament

Play host to a romantic holiday season with blooming ornaments in any shade you can imagine. Get the boutique look with budget-friendly air-dry modeling compound.
   Completion Time - 
2 hours
   Designer - 
Lorine Mason


  • Ball, 2"
Other Materials
  • Air-dry modeling compound: white, red, green, black
  • Gold ribbon, 1/4" x 1/3 yd.
  • Plastic-coated paper clip


  • Ruler
  • Rolling pin
  • Scissors
  • Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
  • Optional: Small leaf clay cutter


  • 1. Note: Modeling compound can crack due to shrinkage whiledrying. Exposing compound to air for five minutes beforerolling can help minimize cracking. Wrap leftover compound inplastic to preserve for future use.
  • 2. Use rolling pin to roll a 3" ball of white modelingcompound to 1/8" thickness. Turn compound over many times to prevent sticking.
  • 3. Drape clay over foam ball, gently pressing out air bubbles.Use scissors to trim excess. Gently roll ball on hard surface to smooth.
  • 4. Roll 1" ball of white modeling compound into teardropshape. Press large end of teardrop onto bottom of ball. Let dry.
  • 5. To create burgundy roses, mix small amount of black withred until pleased with color. Pinch 1/4" ball of compound intorounded teardrop shape between thumb and index finger for eachpetal; rosebuds use two petals and roses use five or more.Press edges of each petal until quite thin and flexible.
  • 6. Tightly roll a single petal for rose center. Add three morepetals, slightly overlapping one another, around center.Slightly flare petal edges outward. When adding a new row ofpetals, move down rolled center to achieve more balanced look.Continue adding petals until rose is desired size. Pinchexcess clay from bottom. Let dry completely.
  • 7. Roll green modeling compound to 1/8" thickness. Usingknife, or clay cutter, cut several leaves; let dry completely.
  • 8. Unfold paper clip once and cut in half. Dip cut ends intoglue and press into top of ornament for hanger. Thread ribbonlength through hanger; knot ends.
  • 9. Use glue gun to attach roses and leaves to top of ornament as shown.If you enjoyed this project, look here for more inspiring ideas:Ravishing Red Beaded OrnamentEmbossed Velvet Tree TrimmersMolded Christmas Ornaments